A podcast exclusively for teenage girls!

Announcing UIO’s new look!

Boys, parents and other adults can listen, too. But as girls grow up they face many pressures, which can affect their teenage years, forcing them to take on adult lifestyles prematurely.

So, each episode of UIO, aka You Inside Out, features  straight talk about real issues that teenage girls are grappling with today. From principles to personality, as well as physical to psychological stuff, UIO covers a range of hot topics to help girls make sense of the space they are in now, but that also have reference and relevance for the future.

To date, UIO offers ten episodes, featuring an interview a woman who has a special interest in the relevant topic. From the buzzy business woman to the nurturing nutritionist, these ladies offer experience, expertise and understanding of why the teen years are important as they are actually happening, and are not just a backdrop for the future … though the future is important, too.

The podcast, as a versatile medium, relies on sound principles and values, and offers a safe and responsible platform to provide insight into topics relevant to teenage girls today.

Listen on iTunes, Soundcloud or via the UIO RSS feed. Also, subscribe to  TuneIn  or Stitcher (see links in sidebar) and listen on your Android and on Google Play.  You can also visit Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to tune in.

Meanwhile, girls can email their suggestions for topics for new episodes to info@sonjalewis.com or to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.   Send questions to info@sonjalewis.com, also, and answers will be posted on my blog.

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